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7 Questions That Will Help You Declutter Your Makeup More Easily

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Do you know how long your mascara lasts?

When I first found this out it was a real eye-opener (pun intended) for me...just two to three months. Let's take a look at different types of makeup and how long they each can last.

Superdrug says this:

Mascara lasts between 2-3 months.

Eyeliner between 6-12 months.

Foundation between 12-24 months.

Lipstick and lipgloss up to 2 years.

Powder eyeshadow and blush are more longer lasting, at least 2 years.

Nail polish is another one that lasts longer, more than 2 years

In this article in Elle magazine Bobbi Brown adds these items:

Blush lasts up to 2 years.

Moisturiser up to 2 years.

Powder up to 1 year.

Lipliner up to 1 year.

Brow pencil up to 1 year.

Concealer up to 2 years.

Cleanser up to 1 year.

And in this article Karen Kingston adds more items: Moisturisers, face creams and eye creams lasts between 6-12 months. Anti-aging and anti-acne products up to 1 year. Sunscreen up to 1 year.

Nasty stuff

And here's another kicker...there's bacteria and other nasty stuff in your make-up. If your makeup is past its use by date it's more likely to be a health hazard leading to bacterial and fungal infections. Same is true if you often dip your finger in your makeup to apply it. Think about it are your fingers always super clean? How about your makeup brushes? How often do you clean them? As well as bits of gunky makeup stuck in them, the bristles are welcome hosts for bacteria, dust and skin cells.

One study found that 43% of mascara was contaminated with bacteria and 12% with fungus.

Eye surgeon and ophthalmologist, Professor Dan Reinstein wrote this article about how eye makeup can harm your eyes. Even if your makeup is still in date and you're mindful of your hygiene when applying it, you might not have given a thought to your eyelash curlers. Professor Reinstein says "Eyelash curlers can also build up bacteria, so the more you use them the more chance you have of re-applying potentially harmful bacteria - all eyelash curlers need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis."

So is there a good case to take a closer look at what makeup you've got and have a good sort out?

To declutter your makeup, ask yourself...

1. Is it still in date?

2. Do you use it regularly?

3. Do you love it?

4. Does it suit you?

5. Do you have more than one of the same thing?

6. Have you got space for it?

7. Can you easily find what you're looking for?

Giving it away

If your excess makeup is still in date and never used, a women's shelter will gladly receive it as a donation. For example, Give & Makeup help women in the London and Cardiff areas. You can always Google the refuges in your area and check if they collect makeup. And look up Beauty Banks too.

Would love to hear how you get on!

Doreen 😀

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