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"Doreen helped me to feel free. I realised how much I was afraid of the future by keeping things I didn't need, and didn't even like. I never believed that I could get sorted, but I did! I believe in myself now. I can declutter, reorganise, and clean my home!"



Clutter free bathroom with white tiles and mid-blue walls

“Doreen was very good at putting me at ease and she came across as a very calm and also non-judgemental person. Afterwards it was nice to have a clearer room and I felt inspired to tackle other parts of the flat.


She was great to work with, and I'd happily recommend her. Just the right balance of laid back and efficient. The process was a positive one - thank you.”



Large bed with stripey duvet and multi-coloured pink pillows and cushions

"I had so much clutter stuffed in my understairs cupboard that it was making me stressed. I wanted to clear it but didn’t know where to start. Doreen showed me how to use a box system and we started working together. She was helpful, guided me, was very positive, and asked questions to help me decide. After the session, I successfully carried on using the system in other areas of my house.


I’m really pleased with the outcome. Not only is it easier to find things, but I also feel lighter and have more energy. I’ve begun to notice how much my life has transformed as I am clearing out. I have booked another session with Doreen to help me with the loft. Looking forward to it. Thanks Doreen!"



Clutter free cream and wood kitchen and dining table and chair

"Doreen came to my house last November to help me with the process of clearing my clutter. I had mixed feelings! While I was aware that I had ‘stuff’ in my house that I no longer needed, used or cared for, I was worried that I would be judged for having kept some things for such a long time. I also felt slightly embarrassed at ‘sharing’ or showing my personal belongings to someone else. Doreen explained what it meant to clear clutter and I shared my anxieties with her. It was easy to talk as I realised that I did not have to part with anything I didn’t want to. Also Doreen made me feel at ease and I realised she was there to help me and not judge me.


The area I wished to focus on was the kitchen. Doreen guided me throughout. We talked and laughed and actually, after we got going, it was really easy to part with things that I had not used or even looked at for years! I separated things into charity, transit, recycling and bin. Even to this day I cannot believe how much space I generated. Since then I've been gradually clearing clutter in the rest of my house. I feel now it is ok to part with things and what I might no longer have a use for, someone else might need. One of the most satisfying things is that I have registered with a local charity shop and they have been able to claim tax back on my old items that they have sold.


If I were to sum up the experience of clearing my clutter with Doreen: guide, help, non-judgemental, caring, kind and fun!" 



Wood burner in warm living room with bookcase
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