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What To Do With Christmas Decorations?

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Out with the with the new. We've all heard of that one haven't we? There are a few times during the year when there's a natural fresh energy for renewal. One of the most obvious ones is right now...the New Year. There's a momentum that comes with this time of year. You're thinking of closing the door on last year's events and intentions, and thinking anew of aspirations and wishes for 2017.

You might have come back home after the Christmas and New Year break and are now looking at your home through fresh eyes. Or you might have spent the time at home and are now looking around your home noticing that the Christmas tree and decorations that lit up your space for the past few weeks now look somewhat tired, jaded and cluttered.

But what to do with your Christmas decorations? This is the ideal time to have a good sort out first before storing them for next Christmas.

How to decide what's staying and what's going?

1. If you have too many decorations for the amount of storage space you have, it's time to whittle down the number of decorations you keep.

2. Is it broken, faded, way past it's 'sell-by'? It's not going to be of any use next year so time to let go.

3. Do you love it? If you don't, why have it in your life? Things that you love have a way of uplifting you. So get rid of any decorations that you don't love.

4. It doesn't go with your colour theme. You used to like red and gold, but now only use blue and silver.

5. Did someone give it to you and you don't like it? You've hung on to it not wanting to throw it out because you'd feel guilty? They might notice you don't have it on show, it's a waste? Let go of the guilt...time to declutter, and by the way, it's unlikely they'd notice.

6. If you didn't use it this year it's unlikely that you'll use it next year so why keep it?

7. While you're doing the decorations you might as well clutter clear your Christmas cards too. M&S and Sainsburys among other store are collecting cards for recycling. M&S will make a donation to The Woodland Trust and Sainsburys to the Forest Stewardship Council.

8. If you find anything that you know it's time to declutter but it has sentimental value, a good tip is to take a photo of it then let it go.

Doreen 😀

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