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5 Quick Tips to Declutter & Organise Your Clothes

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

1. Change of season, perfect timing

Do you store away your out of season clothing? Stop, don't just sling it all in bags or boxes and store away. When you swap your seasonal wardrobe, declutter first before storing. And here are two good reasons to do this: you'll free up space in your storage area; and when it's time to swap back you'll have more space in your wardrobe.

2. How to declutter your clothes?

Only keep clothes you love. The ones that fit you. The ones that are in good condition. So this means getting rid of anything that doesn't fit you, doesn't suit you (think along the lines of colour and style), that's too old and worn out. Also declutter clothes you haven't worn this season, as well as multiples of the same item. How many pairs of black trousers do you really need? If you don't know what colours and/or styles suit you have a consultation with House of Colour or Colour Me Beautiful.

3. Hanging or folding?

I'm a fan of hanging as much as you can given how much wardrobe space you have. It's easier to find the stuff you're looking for and clothes don't get creased hanging up. If space doesn't allow, fold nightwear, t-shirts, leggings, casual trousers and active wear, and hang jackets, cardis, tops, dresses, smart shirts and trousers. Scarves can be folded, as can underwear and socks. Drawer dividers will make your life easier and stop the curse of cantfindanythinginthisdraweritis.

4. Colour code

Organise by type of clothing and then by colour, or by colour and then by type. So dresses together, and then all red ones together, all green ones together, etc., or group all red items together and within that, sort by type.

5. Will any old hangers do?

Using a mishmash of different hangers creates visual clutter. It's much easier on the eye if all your hangers match, and wooden hangers look really good.

And a bonus tip...

Do you leave drawers open? Or wardrobe doors open? Have a go at closing them when not in use, and see how it feels. Does your space look clearer and more uncluttered?

Doreen 😀

Member of APDO

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